Lighthouse Hotel, Cappo Murro di Porco, Sicily

Competition entry for a new hotel situated close to a functioning historical lighthouse.
The hotel is conceived in the landscape as a new civic focal point for the local community. A new town square is formed of a promenade encircling a new market place, restaurant, cafe/bar and outdoor seating area and public swimming pool.
concept diagram


site aerial view


site sections

The lighthouse becomes a beacon for the area taking the place of the civic tower often found in many Italian townships.
Individual villas are positioned on the cliff face each with clear views out to the horizon.

An incision into the landscape forms the path down to a natural swimming pool formed amongst the cliff edge boulders.

The villas are designed between thermally massive spines walls.  Solar panels are orientated to the site whilst orientation of openings provide cross-ventilation across each unit whilst preserving privacy and view out to the horizon and morning rising of the sun.